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E&M Medicals was started with the intention of Providing patient Care services as well as quality products for those in need.

With the legalization of cannabis, many have focused on THC and not other cannabinoids such as CBD. We at E&M Medicals specialize in educating the public as to how cannabis can help them by providing long term patient support as well as CBD and wellness products made strong enough to actually alleviate the medical conditions they were designed for. 


While many traditional doctors opt for the Western Medicine route, that can cause more harm than good, we here at E&M Medicals try to give people an alternative to harsher medications which may not even treat the ailments as effectively as our natural products. Because of this, we are constantly doing research and learning new ways to create better and more effective medications for our members.


 We focus on quality as opposed to quantity, using only the best materials available while at the same time being environmentally friendly through the use of equipment which limits our waste and reuses water whenever possible. Quality is not our only interest, we take steps to abide by current and future California Laws by having all our products tested and packaged in tamper proof bags.

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