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Bath and spa products infused with cannabis oils.

Welcome to our Wellness Line, where we infuse our spa products with CBD cannabis oils. What makes Wellness stand out from our other product lines is that it focuses on skin care. Research shows that cannabinoids not only have anti aging and antioxidants properties, they can help regulate conditions such as dry skin or acne. Because of this E&M Medicals will be continuing to develop our Wellness Line in order to provide our patients an alternative way of reaping the benefits of cannabis without having to vape or ingest it.

Our Wellness Line can be used with our other products, but is also effective on its own, especially for patients with muscle fatigue and /or soreness, inflammation, and arthritis.

  • NEW! 100mg CBD Healing Serum and Essential oils Blend. $35 + Tax


       With Arnica, Helichrysum, and a variety          of other oils this easy to use 10ml Roller        Ball can be taken on the go and used            on bruising, sprains, strains, sore                    muscles, headaches, and much more.

  • 500mg 2:1 CBD:THC Handcrafted Arnica Infused Lotion $70​ + Tax

       This extremely effective lotion helps              alleviate pain, strains, swollen tissues,            arthritic pain, sore muscles, closed                surgical incisions, and much more. 

  • CBD Enriched Lotions Containing 250mg CBD. $45 + Tax


       Comes in the following fragrances:

       - Bay Rum 

       - Lavender Patchouli

       - Cucumber Melon 

       This lightweight CBD only lotion is best          applied on larger areas and is great at          relieving back pain, leg pain, abdominal        cramps and much more. 

  • Bath Sachets Can Be Used Up To 2 Times.   $18 each + Tax

Bath Sachet #1 is a floral mixture of lavender and rose petals blended with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio

Bath Sahcet #2 is an herbal belnd of rosemary, sage, and chamomile with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio

  • NEW! CBD Skin Stick assists in the appearance of Acne, Stretch Marks, and Scars. $10 + Tax

This solid stick can be applied directly to acne, scars, and stretch marks as needed. With CBD, Vit E, Shea and Cocoa Butters, as well as an essential oils blend, this CBD BALM adds an all natural component to your skin care routine.  ​

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